Affordable and Portable power Backup systems

NTES confirms high availability, reliability and efficiency in the form of affordable, portable and energy efficient power back up systems. In some critical environment like data center, server room, mobile phone stations, medical labs, operation theatre and network infrastructure we need accuracy and continues operation and availability all the time. These smooth operations of the devices and components need dependable backup systems structured with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and batteries. A slight discontinuity of electricity may cost more than you imagine in case of running critical machines and/or electronic equipment.

The selection of correct power device in crucial to pass up expensive consequences, that is base on the "IEEE power quality disturbances". These points are kept in mind while engineering your power solutions:

    • Interruption
    • Transient
    • Sag / Under-voltage
    • Frequency variation
    • Swell / Over-voltage
    • Voltage fluctuation
    • Waveform distortion

NTES aim is to transport customized, design & build, superior quality services and solutions to safe electrical power in noteworthy applications. To solve electrical issues in Afghanistan we present the world famous brands UPS and Batteries of APC to meet every kind of business needs.

We adapt your requirements and situation to engineer most suitable solutions while using the existing standard components and equipment of APC to provide backup systems. Understand the importance and nature of your business demands; imagine can you afford unavailability and loss of data. If not you can ask for any kind of UPS and Batteries to eliminate mishaps in organizations and flow of information to utilize time and increase your productivity.

    • Power conversion
      • DC converters
      • Line converters
      • Frequency converters
    • Power distribution
      • Powered rack cabinets
      • Rack PDU modules
      • Transfer switches
    • Power condition
      • Line stabilizers
      • Line Filters
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