APC InfrastruXure

InfraStruXure™ is an on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI). NCPI is the foundation upon which all highly available networks depend.

InfraStruXure's™ modular architecture can be optimally configured for installations from wiring closets to large data centers.


  • Redundant design of system eliminates single points of failure
  • Factory pre-tested system reduces downtime
  • Hot-swappable modules lower mean-time-to-recovery
  • Proactive management identifies potential problems before they occur
  • Locking enclosures provide a secure environment


  • Web-based configuration tool simplifies the design process
  • Configure-to-order approach accelerates installation
  • Integrated pre-engineered system eliminates need for on-site system test
  • Rack-based, standardized modules facilitate quick installation


  • Rack-based modular approach allows system to be easily moved
  • Scalable design accommodates changing power densities
  • Power distribution system accommodates all receptacle types
  • Vendor-neutral enclosure guarantees compatibility with all major IT vendors


  • On-demand design prevents oversizing and lowers cost
  • Built-in redundancy eliminates need to buy second UPS
  • Standardized modules minimize one-time engineering costs
  • Integrated cabling and cooling eliminates need for raised floor

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