Management Solution

Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure Management

InfraStruXure Central

InfraStruXure Central gives customers the ability to quickly assess and resolve critical situations within the physical layer, from wiring closets to large datacenters

Capacity Manager

Align IT equipment redundancy and availability needs with the capabilities of your physical infrastructure

Change Manager

Rapidly deploy changes to your physical infrastructure

InfraStruXure Manager

Management platform that increases visibility of server rooms and small datacenters by outlining the health and status of all APC devices

Battery Management

Smart-charging and remote battery management for stationary batteries

UPS Management

UPS Network Management Cards

Embedded management of UPSs protecting servers and networking equipment

PowerChute Network Shutdown

Reliable network-based shutdown of multiple servers

PowerChute Business Edition

UPS management and safe system shutdown for servers and workstations

UPS Interface Expanders

UPS management and safe system shutdown for servers and workstations

SmartSlot Expansion Chassis

Card chassis provides additional SmartSlots for APC UPSs

Environmental Management System

Network appliance enabling management of a wide range of access and environmental conditions

Environmental Monitoring Unit

Network appliance enabling monitoring of environmental conditions

UPS Environmental Monitoring Card

Embedded card enabling monitoring of environmental conditions


Environmental and access sensors for use with APC solutions

UPS Out-of-Band Management

Embedded management of UPSs via external modem

UPS Remote Power Off Interface

Immediately turns off the power output of connected APC UPSs

UPS Dry-Contact Management

Control and monitor power through a dry-contact interface

Management Platform Integration

Integrate APC UPSs into leading server, enterprise, building and SCADA management systems

Building Management Integration Card

Integrate APC UPSs into leading Building Management Systems

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