Cooling Solution

Air Distribution / Fans

Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit

Rapidly deployable wall or ceiling mounted heat removal system for wiring closets

Rack Air Removal Unit SX

Performance heat removal for high-density equipment in NetShelter SX and VX enclosures

Rack Air Distribution Unit

Air Distribution for Power Dense Enclosures and Low Pressure Areas

Rack Side Air Distribution Unit

Air distribution for networking equipment with side to side airflow

Rack Fan Tray

Basic heat removal for low density rack enclosures

Room Air Conditioning

NetworkAIR FM

Modular Floor Mount Precision Air Conditioning for environmentally sensitive equipment areas


High-Density Cooling Enclosures

Self-contained rack enclosures with up to 18kW cooling capacity for high-density server deployments in space-constrained and/or uncontrolled environments

NetShelter Enclosure Accessories

Cable management accessories, thermal management accessories, shelving, mounting hardware, keyboards, keyboard drawers, and stabilization accessories required for a complete enclosure solution

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